CVS Photo Center – Today’s digital development might have cut you out from several unique innovations of the early 2000s. Photo centers used to be one of the biggest hits in the United States as people love to buy customized products.

The United States still has a ton of photo centers offered by different companies. These photo centers are the perfect place to buy customized products and get your photos developed. Yes, today’s era is not the time of developed photos and prints, but they still have a lot of sentimental value.

CVS photo center is among the most popular photo centers in the United States. The company has been providing photo and print services through its CVS photo center subsidiary for years now. 

If you are also looking to purchase some customized gifts during this winter and festival season, then you are at the right place, as we are going to discuss everything regarding the CVS photo center.

Products available at CVS Photo Center

CVS photos enter among the most popular choices for any Customized gifts in the United States. The trend of custom is not going anywhere as it shows your love and affection for others.

During the winter and festival season, serious photo centers and other companies record the highest sales. As the winter season has once again started in the United States, some other demand for CBS photo center products is skyrocketing. 

You should also try CBS photo center products for the upcoming festival season. CVS photo center is currently offering a huge number of discounts on most of its products. Before that, let’s take a look at the different product categories available at the CVS photo center.


Prints are one of the most popular categories at the CBS photo center. The company has been offering different sizes when it comes to print, starting from 4×6 all the way 8×10.

Apart from the different sizes, users can also opt for different Material quality. There are different materials available for posters starting from single glossy images to all the way Matte single images and Matte collages.

You can also buy it in different styles and purposes, including banner prints, board prints, bamboo panels, floating frames, business printings, and mounted photos.


Cards are always going to be one of the selling categories at any photo center. It is also doing magic for the CVS photo center as customers can opt for different sizes starting from 5 * 7 all the way to 4 * 8 Inches.

One of the best parts about cards at CVS photo center is that the company has pre-made holiday cards, including Hanukkah, new year, Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, and Christmas as well.

These cards are also available in general categories, including thank you cards, birthday cards, wedding invitations, party invitations, holiday party invitations, change the date, and birth announcements.

Gifts and calendars

After cards, gifts and calendars are the most popular category at CVS photo center. Users can purchase floating frames, puzzles, magnets, coma photo panels, tumblers, mugs, travel mugs, blankets, and pillows as gifts. 

Kindly do not forget that users can easily customize all these items for a gift purpose. You can also purchase these customized gifts for your own house. Recently, CVS photo center introduced customized appearance and t-shirts at affordable prices.

CBS photo center also has a customized calendars option for all of its customers, where you can order 5 * 11 premium calendars at affordable prices.

Passport photos

Despite the digital development of the 21st century, the need for passport photos might never end, as we all require passport-size photos for most things.

If you are also traveling anywhere internationally or you want to create your passport, you will require passport photos. CVS photo center also offers passport photos service where they are going to Provide government-compliant passport photos at just $16.99.

You can also purchase two additional photos for $2.99, and CVS photo is going to use a high-quality biometric ID photo system that is going to automatically verify your photos to meet government requirements.

Other Categories

Apart from the above-given categories, CVS photo center also has several other categories, including photo books, where you can purchase photo books in different sizes and materials.

You can purchase photo books in custom soft cover combo custom hardcover, Lillian hardcover, leather hardcover, Lay flat, and premium lay flat. One of the best parts about photo books at CVS photo center is that you can choose different themes according to your wish.

Same-day pickup adds CVS photo center.

Similar to other photo Center services, CVS photo center also provides same-day pick up where they have some categories and qualities for all of its customers.

Yes, not all categories and qualities are going to be available for same-day pickup. For example, you can purchase wall art, cards, prints, photo books, and photo puzzles with the same-day pickup facility.

We highly recommend you go through the same-day pickup category of the CVS photo center before you make any purchases. You might not get the category and the quality you want for the same-day pickup.

Even though CVS photo center has a lot of products in its same-day pickup category, the company has not included all of the products.

Latest offers at CVS photo center

Similar to other photo centers, CVS photo center also provides several offers to all its customers. In order to avail of any of the below-given offers, you do not have to visit the nearby CVS photo center, as you can use their official website to place an order.

First of all, anyone can avail 50% site-wide discount on the official website of CVS photo center. You can use the above-given button to reach the official website of the CVS photo center and place your order with a 50% site-wide discount.

You can use promo code Joy50 to avail of the sitewide 50% discount.

Some products might not have the complete 50% discount, As they all will be down 50% from their MSRP. Another thing you should keep in mind regarding the 50% discount is that Photo of winter is going to end on 12/17/2022 at 11:59 PM eastern time.

Secondly, customers can also avail of free posters and calendars on each order from the CVS photo Centre. While placing an order for the 5th poster or calendar, users can use the promo code name bogonew to receive the gift. The offer is going to expire on 12/31/22 at 11:59 PM.

Lastly, CVS photo center is also offering free next-day shipping on orders above the value of $30. You can simply use the promo code Freend to avail yourself of the free next-day shipping upgrade. The offer is going to end on 12/17/22 at 11:59 PM.

Before you make any purchase at the CVS photo center, let us remind you that all these offers are available at the official website and mobile application of the CVS photo center. Users cannot avail of these offers at any physical store.

How to order from the CVS photo center?

Before we completely wrap up our session, let’s take a quick look at the means you can use to order from the CVS photo center. 

You might not be surprised to know that Americans can use the official website of CVS pharmacy or visit the nearby CVS photo center to place an order.

You can use any means you want, and the company is going to provide similar services at both. The return and refund policy of both means is going to be similar, and we highly recommend everyone use the official website of CVS photo center to place an order. 

One of the main reasons behind going with the official website of CVS photo center is its services. Yes, you can easily check any discount or offer on the official website. You won’t have to waste your time by visiting the nearby CVS photo center and placing your order.

You can do all these things sitting in your home, and you will receive a similar service without any Risk of Covid infection. Several viruses have been impacting all around the nation, and you should ensure your safety by using digital modes.

What is the return policy of the CVS photo center?

CVS photo center is one of the few photo centers in the United States that provide 100% customer satisfaction. Customers can avail of return and replacement of products by contacting the customer care staff of the service. You can simply contact their customer care staff and ask for a refund or replacement.

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